Forgiveness and Memories

Many thanks to Rev. James Trapp for today’s sermon at Spiritual Life Center.  The message was on forgiveness.  One portion of the message regarding the need to forgive yourself as much as you need to forgive others or receive forgiveness from others really hit home.  I am excellent at beating myself up, being disappointed in past choices, etc. and the reality is “looking back does little to nothing in helping me move forward” within that specific situation.  Obviously, it’s my burden to learn from my past and leverage the new opportunities to improve.  However, being down on myself for past actions provides me no skill or will to do better moving forward. 

It was also good to hear the singing and to see my old hair stylist, Ifamodupe, singing at SLC.  Something seems odd about me saying my “hair stylist.”  But that was the case prior to me cutting my dredlocks just over 3 years ago.  Wow.. seems like an eternity since I had those and I actually had them for 10 years.

Was also great to get the kids off my back about having to listen to school R&B music in the car.  Was actually listening to one of Stevie Wonder’s old jams as they complained and I manged to change the subject to be about Stevie Wonder being blind.  Then quickly transitioned from that to his support of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  Somehow was able to go from that to what they did at church and learned there was a discussion on teamwork.  Skillfully I was able to align teamwork with me needing help on doing laundry and how much faster and efficient it would be with us working together on putting clothes away.  Such fun!

Thankful for the message on forgiveness and to create a new memory with the kids.  An being able to look at past memories with a positive perspective, forgiveness as necessary for those involved, and with an equal amount of appreciation and forgiveness for myself.

Have a great week!


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