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It can’t be this lonely… Hip-hoppers in Enterprise Technology

Last month, I wrote a post (Hip-hopology. Enterprise Technology and Lyricists) that had a few people respond to me directly with their input and thoughts which I greatly appreciate. Neither of them completely agreed with me but there was clear appreciation for having content out there in their industry which also connected with their music preference which isn’t often a topic of conversation amongst peers.

With one of those gentlemen, we were singing the praises of some artists (KRS-One and Keith Murray). From there we questioned how many people in enterprise storage (our industry) or enterprise computing technologies in general would have a love for hip-hop music. And to help qualify what we consider hip-hop music to be, I’ve included 20 lyricists below. One of the guys think we’ll struggle to find 20 people that love hip-hop and can appreciate the names on the list. I’m going out on a limb and saying there’s at least 100.

I’m looking for help getting this in front of as many people as possible to see how many commenters we can get to give us hip-hoppers some confidence that we’re not alone out here working in Enterprise Technology space. If you or anyone you know works on Servers, Storage, Networking, Security, or Enterprise Software and you work for a manufacturere like HP, Microsoft, Cisco, IBM, Oracle, EMC, Dell, Hitachi, NetApp, Intel, etc. and you can readily identify 13 names from the list below- please comment on this page. Edits are welcome on the top 20 list or just a plain ol’ acknowledgement.

Help me out- please?

LaMills Garrett’s Top 20 Hip-Hop Lyricists of all time
1. Rakim
2. KRS-One
3. Big Daddy Kane
4. Nas
5. Biggie Smalls
6. Jay-Z
7. 2Pac
8. Kool G Rap
9. Chuck D
10. Scarface
11. Ice Cube
12. Slick Rick
13. Eminem
14. Redman
15. LL Cool J
16. Andre 3000
17. GZA
18. Lauryn Hill
19. Common
20. Black Thought